Pets as Family – Be Nice to Them!

I love my animals. They don’t judge and they always are ready to “be your best friend”, as I heard someone say one day. But we also need to care for them properly. They depend on us to do so.

Now, I know we all put our own spin on what pets are to us but when I see “common sense” being interrupted, it really irritates me.

I was visiting a friend who lives in a colder region of Canada – (heck, they’re all getting colder at this point…but whatever, lol) – and saw someone attend the event but leave their dogs in the car. The night was cold, very snowy and the event would be going for hours. They got out of their car which was going to be left outside for hours in the very cold night. I know this person would be working and unable to get to their car so these animals would be alone in the cold. Why, people, why? All I could think of was “hey, stupid…why??!!” Do you really need your dogs that bad that you can’t leave them at home where it’s warm or with a friend? Something?? It reminded me of last summer where I saw this elderly person leave their little tiny dog in their car, left in the shade with a window cracked open. To COOK?!?! The poor little thing had pushed itself into the opening of the window and was trying to pant and quickly breathe the air from the window. It was wining and yelping at me and wagging it’s tail when I walked by. It was acting really “floppy” and dizzy-like. When I peeked into the other windows, I saw a leash and there was a water dish on the floor – but empty. I figured out who it was and handed them their very warm dog – on the leash. I told them I got their dog out of the car because it was crying, barking and – cooking! It was cruelty to animals. They said they loved and adored their dog and wouldn’t go anywhere without it…and it was fine. I demanded that they keep their dog with them and not alone in the hot car. Then the person showed my the water dish. They said it was full when they left the dog so it would be fine. Ug!!

Oh my goodness! Obviously is was NOT!

Anyway, where is the common sense in people nowadays? I felt like say: If I left you in a car (cold or hot weather – doesn’t matter!) for hours and hours…I’m sure you would cook too! You wouldn’t like it!

Ok. Rant over for now…


So here I am. Back here. It’s my coffee break so I think I’ll re-start this blog thing…again. It’s better than being left alone in my thoughts. (I am going to write this differently (letter from a thankful parent) this time…remember that – me!) Ok. Here goes.

Had an interesting day the other day. Sometimes I wonder who started that phrase…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…please forgive my rant for a few minutes.

This generation of kids blows my mind sometimes. Very entitled. Never their fault – never taking responsibility for their own actions. And sometimes, the parent is the blame. Technology is so used as a quick fix or – let’s just say it – a babysitter. Kids don’t get much help to improve if parents use it that way too. Role-modelling excuse-blaming behaviours do not help either. And so inactive kids – unless they get outside satisfaction every – what was that research…10 seconds? Hmph! Where is the ethic of kicking kids outside to play, or crafts, or playing cards, boardgames, etc when the weather was…crappy? Or actually talking to each other? Do they really need technology 24/7? Don’t get me wrong. I’m a person who uses and values technology very much. It does make my life easier…er…when the technology is working!! I even have a friend who is able to keep their family “together” when one spouse is on the other side of the world. Very nice and handy! But…back to my original problem for the day…

This kid was at this fitness place with their class doing this really cool experiential learning program. I attend this place a lot so I see how amazing this hands-on learning program is and that the teachers and kids really love the cool things they do. It helps them see school as an opportunity and that learning can be…FUN. Wish I had this kind of program when I was a kid. Anyway, this kid, for the previous 2 days refused to get active and “do their best” even though they could see that the team or partner or class would get less time (or miss things) when s/he (keeping it unknown because that’s not the focus)  would refuse or purposely go slow to avoid themselves from safely participating or even the class. The teacher had to slop, repeat, modify for them, etc etc etc… very frustrating for me (and others) to watch. The behaviour even caused others at the facility to not be able to enjoy the building’s facilities. Even preventing certain people with special needs to be very uncomfortable. S/He would even take satisfaction in the trouble they were causing. It was very evident. I don’t know how the instructor, the classroom teacher, and students could handle it. Actually some were obviously getting very aggravated. Give it a few more years of age, this kid is really going to tick them off. You could tell already with the “older” ones. It was actually creating some very unsafe situations on the track, hallway walks, exercise classes, etc. Anywhere s/he had to move away from her/his chair and work with others – even if they were with their best friend,  s/he was…not being nice. Let’s just say that. (very passive aggressive!)

Anyway, after 3 days of this, and many chances of modification, the visiting school’s principal was called to come and get this student. Sadly, the circumstances were tricky and the parent was asked (told?) to come and get their child obviously – and they ended up yelling at the instructor that their child had no issues, was a very active chid and that they were very able to participate. That parent was “told repeatedly each day as to the problems” but “it’s all lies!” And “maybe if you had a teacher teaching the program, you’d know what they were talking about!” Yikes!! Little did that parent realize, they had a very educated and experienced teacher teaching the program. (I talked to them many times. Very professional and very knowledgeable. I would totally send my kid! I’ve seen them handle many difficult situations like a pro. I know as an outsider, I don’t know how they do it!). Parents…I know we’re not perfect. Neither are our kids. We would all love to have a perfect kid but no such thing. Also, I know it’s hard to hear negative things about our kids, but when an adult who knows what they’re doing tries to help (constructive), don’t kill the messenger. They spend a lot of time with our kids. Yes, get involved with your child’s education. But…Trust them.

Ok…rant if over for now.

Summer Vacation starts with…camping…

I feel so blessed. I’m camping first by myself before my family is able to come. It makes me start to reflect on the past year. I just finished my third year being the coordinator of the Experiential school position I’ve had since 2014. I love it.

I’m actually wearing my t-shirt: “This teacher survived the 2016-2017 school year – bottle flip, the Dab, and the fidget spinner”. Crazy but fun year with grade 3-8 kids. Lol.

Right now, I’m sitting outside the chapel before the teenagers arrive for teen camp. I love being around for this age group. They are in this super fabulous time in their life where they’re no longer a kid and right on the crest of discovering who they are as a young adult. Love it…yes, this hormonal moody group of people is my passion. Love this group.

But until they show up, I’m just going to continue sitting on my park bench. Throwing the ball for my crazy camping dog. Maybe later, I’ll go on the lake and do so fishing, paddle boarding, or whatever…I’m on vacation. 😎

Talk to you tomorrow.

Summer’s Edge

Well, here I am again…I don’t know what it is about me, but I still have this fear of writing a blog. Perhaps it was because of writing things like this as a child and it was exposed by someone to their advantage. I was made to look like a fool. To be specific…”possessed”. All because it started with me wanting to know the words of songs so I would stop my tape recorder (I know…I know…lol) many times and back the song up so I could write the words down to sing along later with. Or at the very least, know what my favored music said. I guess, thinking back, it was about the time that backwards masking” was the hot topic in the religious world. My heart knew I was ok but the adults around me thought that this teenager was…evil. So perhaps, it developed a thought that recording things could always be used against me…sigh…yep, it’s a big hurdle for me.

But moving forward, my heart wants to not fear anymore. Talking to this “big, unknown space” (as someone called it lately), is a place where I can use cyber-space to my advantage. I can do this…

Summer’s Edge…right where I see a cliff. Today, I wondered where I needed to jump off. I guess, step one: it is here. Looking outwards over life’s landscape, I try to see where I am going and even  though I know God has a master plan for me, I wonder about the details…  

Hmmm…I need to think more. Perhaps playing with the dog and his ever-encouraging “play ball?” look is what I need to do right now. Listen to my music. think. think. think….sometimes I think too much…

Colour changes more than Hair

Today. Snow. Why?

Spring is supposed to be here and warmer weather is supposed to stay. Was expecting rain to come and clean up the ground and activate new season’s green growth…but NOT. Depressing to say the least. so what did I do? Did my hair. Lol

It’s amazing what a little change can do on one’s outlook on life. I want to go outside despite the yucky weather. Rain will come. I know. Painted my nails and now my toes look great, lol. Guess it’s a me weekend…

Perhaps, I’ll go continue my reading. Never have much time for that, it seems. My work can wait. Besides, my cat is staring at me. And my dog is looking at me through the back window. (Ball?)

Not sure what else to say today… 🙂

As Spring comes back my way…

Well, it’s April and an end to another great year at C-School ( ) and I’ve had another blast! I love this leadership opportunity. And I love my experiential school! And I love Spring Break. It goes too fast. Not sure if it’ll be for another year or if I go back to full-time teaching, but I guess I’ll see what opportunities for leadership come my way before decisions have to be made at the end of June. Anyway…

We had hubby’s bday party and started the new season with friends, barbecue, and fire pits! Love the celebration but it was a big reason to surround myself with friends other than surrounding myself with work. Being tucked away in houses all winter and being absorbed by work…and then coming out in the warm sun…is so eye-opening.  We forget about taking care of our own mental, social and physical health so often and don’t realize how the “work world” has consumed us. I’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs…I forget about myself until my own body says, “wait…stop…listen…take a breath…” to the simple things around me. My friend said yesterday…”only 29 more days till camping!”…and it made me smile. 

Talk again later…

Spring Break is for Refreshing the body and brain

Well, here I am again. Sitting on my back deck and enjoying the week long break from a work routine…even though I know that there’s still work to be done. But just not now. 

I just went for a meditative walk around the block…or whatever you call it in the country. Lol. My dog sure enjoyed it. Took the ball thrower…his constant focus. Whatever. It made him walk beside me rather than going off looking for new prey coming out from hiding during the long, cold winter. Hmmm…I guess that creature could be me too…coming out from hiding. After a long, cold winter…

I want to say, I really loved my adventure this school year. I was the coordinator of a very cool experiential learning program for kids grades 3-6. Classes would come in for 4 days and then experience learning in a whole new way – hand-on applications of regular classroom curriculum. But in a whole “weird” way. Don’t worry. One of the first things I’d do was warn them that they were going to have a lot of fun learning this week…but I teach weird and wacky! Lol. Must have done something right though. They didn’t want to leave. They’d say things like…that was fun math ( science, social, etc) and I enjoyed every minute of the whole year. Never had a sick day. No really. 

Sadly, it was only a maternity leave position so now I decide what to do. Go back to my original school where I took a year’s leave off or request another school. I really want to have professional development opportunities for leadership. I also applied for other leadership opportunities with the division since I received a lot of accolades of improving this year’s program. ..since this position was something so that I could get some specific admin experience on my resume. Something I’ve been told to find repeatedly when I was always getting “2nd place” in admin interviews. “We loved your interview but we took someone who had a little more experience.”  Hmmm…not that’s always the predicament, hey? I need more experience but can’t get hired to get that experience. Hopefully this year’s exposure will help. Who knows. I was told repeatedly…”you were very impressive as coordinator. Unlike anyone before you” was what I was told. Hmmmm…so what does that mean now for me? I don’t know. 

I guess we will see. I think I need to continue my reflections and journaling.  Help me and my thoughts figure things out. This may be the best place than any. If anything, this year’s adventure as a teacher, a divisional leader and as just me…the one who goes for walks in the country with my dog…is happy for where this year has gone so far. ☺️ TTYL…

FitBit for Christmas

Well, I activated my Christmas present…a FitBit. It’s been a week and I think I like it. I joined it with myfitnesspal app and it so far has been amazing. I like knowing how I’m doing with my exercise and steps…etc. I am still on my isagenix healthy living program…3 years in March. It’s such a great program…and am only down to 1 shake a day for the “healthy living” stage. Well, suffice it to say, I am going to need to clean up this body after 2 weeks of being at home with holiday food and visiting, etc. lol. I might even start those cleanses again. But darn, I sure love those gingerbread houses’ bits and pieces and those sugar cookies. 😜
Today, I’ve been enjoying my last 3 days of Christmas vacation. This year we diimage image image imagedn’t go anywhere. With all the trips this year (near and far), it was nice to just stay around the house. I did miss my warm weather. Low temperatures and windchill and snow shovelling is not for me but it was nice to take pictures of the trees with frost on them. I think it’s called “hoar frost”. Very beautiful. Frost crystals like a white coating of cool frosting…kind of.

Happy New Year 2015!

Well, here I am…6 months later. I really need to get back to my blog. It can be so liberating writing…
This is the first Christmas holiday that I have no marking, etc. As a teacher, it’s amazing! My new job for the year has so far been amazing! I’m the only person there from my school division so I am my own principal and am really loving it. It’s giving me a lot of HRBM experience for my masters degree from 2012. I love coordinating the health facility people within my experiential school. I am also loving teaching with a 100% hands-on focus without someone down the hallway saying that it’s “weird” and that “kids need more structure than that”. I also have had lots of positive attention from head office, the Superintendent, and my corporate sponsors. I really hope this position propels me into another leadership position like this when my contract is up in April. Again, I SO love this job!!
If you want to check out my school, check out my website photos. It’s very cool!! Again, may I say it, I LOVE this job!!!
Be back later!! 😋😍😊