Assessment in teaching…or professional guessing game?

Ok. Assessment in teaching has really changed over the years. I have taught many years…woah, 23 years…where has the time gone? Paper report cards have gone way of the dinosaur and technological reporting has been the new…hmmmm…friend…monster? I guess it’s all in your own professional and personal experience for interpretation. Now, when a baseline has been established, you know…what an A means or what a level 4,3,2,1 means or what an Excellent (etc) means…then teachers need to come to an overall consensus as to not having problems as too wide of variances as to each category. Weird thing, I find, there’s too much I interpretation as to what an A or “excellent” looks like in student work. One teacher thinks (for example) a 100% is an excellent or a level 4 while another thinks it means a very good or level 3 because excellent or level 4 means “above and beyond”. Now perhaps 100% is bad to use. What about a 68 or all objectives have been met but so-so…what assessment should that get? So frustrated…


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