Working on the weekend?

Today, I had so many plans for home. Thought I’d do a little marking but mostly, I wanted to take down the tree, do some laundry and then continue in my book. Well, didn’t work out but I’m glad I took my protein shake. Somehow, I needed to keep mental clarity. Had to work on a serious document from a stupid week at work that ended with me having to deal with a bully at work – writing which sadly took all day. Here and there, I had to take mental wellness breaks just to stay focused and not get my writing “emotional”. Anyway, I was glad to go for a walk in 3 feet of snow (bluck!) with my wonderful dog, happily do a load of laundry (yikes!), and clean litter boxes for my cats…phewy! Lol I did finish the document just in time…for bed. Teaching is great. Just can’t stand all of the power hungry people that come with it. They seem to just want to show how they can destroy others on their ladder upwards. Sigh…when can I retire?


4 thoughts on “Working on the weekend?

    1. laurawantstoretire Post author

      Thanks! Trying to figure out how I can get my icon pic to stay…hmmm…
      Ah ha! Think I got it. Trying to figure out all these options for this blogging site can be challenging. Do you all just have the free access or do you pay to get the options you have?


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