When Thursday is Friday…

So no, I am not losing it. Lol! It’s just that today is my Friday. My school is closed tomorrow. And to make it even better…we had a winter weather yesterday which cancelled classes and buses. Love these kind of days. Yep, I will hopefully get marking done and catch up on report writing…for work, but I’m hoping that will help me have a me weekend afterwards.

I’m actually lying on my couch watching tv with my family tonight and am so loving this time. It makes me wonder where the time has gone where one child starts at the high school and the other child will be graduating this year from grade 12. I had to get a baby picture for the grad ceremony and that just made me search through pictures that I’ve been meaning to “scrapbook” for years. One kid’s book has pictures of his “first year” and the other book…well, I’ve dedicated it to her. I had just stopped. I guess I thought I’d do it later and now it’s been over a decade since I worked on it. Hmmm…makes me think what has kept me away from it? Looks like mostly work excuses. It’s this “no-me time” that has caused me huge physical problems like back surgery (taking care of another person’s child caused me a medical emergency) and a possible “avoided” neck surgery “that’s just waiting to happen” if I’m not careful. You know, working in a school “stuff”…someone bumps me or if there’s someone I have to restrain (yep, took the course but…) or just too much time doing “teacher stuff” that causes me great pain. not to mention all psychological stresses that come from working for someone who is on a power trip to show how “great” they are while destroying everyone around them who act like grown ups.

Anyway, back to this scrapbooking…I think I need to focus more on me, my family, my health…etc. I think I need to unbury my scrapbooking stuff (yes, even though I haven’t been doing it, I keep buying all the tools!) and perhaps set little milestones. #1 – clean off the table in the wonderful room I designed to do all my personal joys (lighting in different areas for painting, scrapbooking, cardmaking). Wish me luck! (?) lol…


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