Curly hair…it’s not a weapon or a toy. (-me)

Curly hair…mine has driving me up the wall lately. I just needed to Share my experience. My mom was not a hairstylist but she always wanted to “fix” my hair. Both my mom and dad had curly hair but nothing like what I have. I think I got a double whammy while my sister had poker-straight hair. (She even got a perm for my wedding so that we’d “look alike”…she was 12 lol) Anyway, I had had “big curler” fix-its so that mom could stretch out my curls. She also bought me a curling iron…to straighten my hair (?). She also had used hair straightener chemicals suggested by the salon for “that type ” of tight curls owned “by women of another culture” (I may have been 16 but I knew what she was trying to say…). Anyway, my mom’s “last resort” was always reverting to…the scissors…and the “just let me cut it a little bit” moments. My 16 year picture for school was two days after that…um…er…yes, fiasco (mini Afro). It wasn’t what I was going for. We were supposed to be letting it grow out but my dad just kept calling me the “flying nun”. Wasn’t impressed.

As I got older, the many times I went to the salon and coming out with my brush to squish or flatten it down! Yikes! I hated everything to do with “hairdressers” at the time. For years, never went. I guess, nowadays, you could say I had PTSD with childhood curly hair. Lol. Then I tried again just after I got married, and I ended up cutting out a “little problem that couldn’t be pulled out of a hair ‘mask’ when they tried highlighting (yes, frosting!) my hair…crochet hooks didn’t work on curly hair. (Imagine that!) It’s only been the last two years that I’ve let a “hair person” touch my hair. Still always scared but I love it. Curly hair…isn’t a toy, people! Lol


4 thoughts on “Curly hair…it…

  1. Karen Ama Panama

    This made me laugh! My mom had very curly hair and mine is only curly by my temples and my nape. Kinda weird I know. I learned curly hair is dominant in a genetics class in college. I never minded my wavy curly sometimes frizzy when it’s humid hair, but as I get older and, gulp, more gray (did I really say that out loud?) my hair is now even more unmanageable. When we visited Boquete in January, I found out my hair doesn’t really appreciate the humid weather that much. Thank goodness for hats. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    1. laurawantstoretire Post author

      Thanks, Karen! Yes, Panama gave my hair more of a demand for even more hairspray. Lol. I eventually ended up putting it in a braid quite a bit and it was better through all the swimming and humidity. On the upside, as a Canadian living in the northern part of Alberta, my skin sure loved the humidity. I think I could actually hear my skin “slurp”!! And about the hat idea…love it. Lol. Can’t wait to move to Panama…with lots of hairspray. 🙂

      1. Karen Ama Panama

        I hear you about the skin! Wisconsin is cold and dry in the winter and my dry, itchy skin LOVED Panama. My hair will just have to learn to adapt.

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