Hunting two moose…accidentally!

Well, last weekend did not go like I thought it would. It was a nice relaxing day until I had to go get my daughter from her skating. It was the trip back that…well…sort of put a “bump” in my day. We were coming back, on a dark road, when I had a very large moose standing in the road right in my path! I hit the brakes while it started to continue to the other side of the road,…BUT while I swerved to the right to miss its big scary mass, another very large moose (it’s mate?) was revealed. And it decided to lie down right on the road in my path! Soooo then the first moose came back around at my car while trying to get its mate to stand up. While this was happening (of course, all in the slowest traveling seconds of time!), I hit the backside of the second moose trying to get up! I swerved into the ditch.
According to the witnesses (and both my daughter and I agree!), both moose were lined up with my windshield until I swerved to the right! They both should have hit and…crushed us. (Didn’t want to hear it even though we both thought and knew it). Well, I think we were blessed with 2 guardian angels. Only about $2000 damage according to the appraiser today but the truth of the “bill” will come when I bring my car to the auto body place. (“Do you want the good news first or the bad news?”)
So anyway, this past Monday I tried to go to work but it didn’t work out. Sat and sun I started to feel weird (headaches, pain in neck, arm pain and tingling). After doctor visit, I am on strong meds and it looks like my previous injury (where I’m trying to avoid serious neck surgery) has been re activated. If the swelling in my neck doesn’t get better, therefore the pinching of nerves going to my arm, I’ll be heading back to the surgeon for my much-avoided neck surgery. Sigh…hoping that these two weeks away from the teaching routine in a middle school will help stop the swelling. No more dizziness and pain! (Oh Panama…when’s my next holiday?)


7 thoughts on “Hunting two moose…accidentally!

  1. Kris Cunningham

    Oh sheesh, that’s scary! Where do you live? I’m glad it wasn’t any worse though that doesn’t sound good about your neck. That surgery is no fun so I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  2. laurawantstoretire

    Thanks, Kris. Alberta north…brrrrrr. Yeah, I’ve already had lower back surgery (cut away bone for the nerves on each side to go somewhere before they were severed…and I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore – over a year ago.) and my neck is serious too but since one problem is gone, the neck pain was a lot less, as long as I was careful. This car accident with the moose did not help. It woke up the injury, you could say. Sigh…

    1. Kris Cunningham

      Wow, you really are way up there. You’d probably find the mountains of Panama just perfect for you. And, there are no moose to run you off the road. Good luck with the neck. You definitely don’t need any more problems! Hopefully it will settle down soon.

      1. laurawantstoretire Post author

        Yep, it’s too cold here. I’m always just different levels of cold, except for July and August. Lol. My husband liked the climate in boquete but I found it a bit chilly. I’d love to live closer to the beach. My dream is swimming in the ocean every day… Perhaps something in between. My husband is coming to panama again next week to do more “land and area research” with one of the friends we just went down there with in December. He and his wife are looking at property since they are moving down there in a couple of months. My husband is going along. I’m hoping it will help him see things even more. I want to come down there lots before we move. Have to get my daughter graduated first. She is in grade 7 while my son graduates this year. Poco a poco, as I see said quite often…sigh…

      2. Kris Cunningham

        That’s how I feel in the mountains – different levels of cold. Maybe you should look at the Pedasi area where they have really nice beaches? You have a few years for extensive research though, maybe enough to check all the beaches in every season? 😀

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