Looking for a church…to share.

Today during my Panama research, I started looking at another need when moving to Panama. A church. Where are they? Is there only Catholic? If so, are there different types? If not, where are they? I cannot find anything in the “Faith” department. Why is that? I hope it’s not too “hot” a topic…so sorry if this bothers anyone. 

Presently, I attend an Alliance Church where I feel so “connected” due to the music. Here, I find my husband playing the drums while my daughter is in the singing group. My son plays the drums for the youth group’s band but since he’s graduating this year, I wonder where his talents will continue. I listen and sing to the lively music. I close my eyes and enjoy the wonderful feelings of being surrounded by this wonderful atmosphere. I feel so good. And I know…there are lots that I can listen to online but that’s not the point. What churches will we find in Panama? Our faith is important to us. 

When I moved around so much as a kid due to my father’s work, I really think it was my faith that brought me through and kept me “normal”. Hmmmm…whatever that means. Lol. Anyway, I hope I can find more answers. There’s so much info out there. I just have to find it. 

In the mean time, I sit with my wonderful iPad and my curled up kitty cat beside me. I’m so excited… I love the adventure that is in the future for me. (And I still have to finish that darned marking! Grrr! …ack!) Perhaps I’ll just have another tea and surf the internet looking for more info. It’s either that or marking… which is….Blucky!


2 thoughts on “Looking for a church…to share.

  1. Kris Cunningham

    I’ve seen churches here of many denominations. We even get visited by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormans. I don’t know if you will find services in English but I think you will have choices for churches.

    1. laurawantstoretire Post author

      Thanks! Sounds like there’s lots of…choice. Lol. Perhaps it could encourage me learning more Spanish. Lol. Now that we’re going to get a place down there in the very near future, it is nice to know we have some options. 🙂


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