Mirror mirror on the wall…do I take you to Panama?

Ok. Today is the last day of the week and of my medical leave. (Don’t get me started. I hit a moose. It could have been two. Witnesses say that we should have been crushed to death…so hey, I’m here. It’s a great day!) 

Anyway, endings started making me think of beginnings. (weird where my mind goes. I know) Beginnings. I’ve been doing soooo (is that enough oooos?) much research that my mind is going to blow up with…excitement, information, anticipation, wonder, etc etc etc. Research on what you wonder? Well…Panama…again. My hubby has been down there for another week with friends and has looked at Panama with new eyes…on his own. I think it was the trip he needed to do. (Yayyyy!) 

i have something in particular that I’m trying to find. Where are the expats from Canada blogs? is it complicated if I would like to get a teaching job down there? My husband is a retired pilot and was wondering if there is a job down there…part time or whatever. I’ve been really enjoying the information on other stuff and the people I’ve also found but that is the bunch of questions I’m not finding answers too. I guess I’ll keep looking…

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is if…no…when we move to Panama (happy feet doing a dance), what will I sell (or leave for my son who is graduating this year). I think…my scrapbooking supplies, photograph albums, clothing, appliances, dishes (I hear a good set of knives are hard to find in Panama?), electronics (computers?), pets ( I love my dog and cat!) (oh, now what will we do with our outdoor cats?! Yikes!!) …oh I guess I had more questions than I thought I did. Yikes. 

Then…will we stay there in order to stay away from (notice I did not say “miss” lol) those dreadful Alberta winters? 6 months here and 6 months back in Canada? Hey, that would take care of some border runs…see, I am reading and learning! Lol. 

Well, this is enough for now. With all of my excitement for a different life…I still have to go do some marking that I’ve been procrastinating about…lol. 


5 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall…do I take you to Panama?

  1. Kris Cunningham

    http://time4panamaniacs.blogspot.com/ another blog that might interest you. She is from the US and teaching in Panama City, and might be able to tell you more about getting a teaching job.
    http://indacampo.wordpress.com/ A Canadian living in Pedasi. There are many Canadians here but she is the only one I know with an active blog.
    Bringing pets is complicated – ask Holly, but it can be done. You can get everything you need here so you really don’t have to ship anything unless you want to.


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