Retiring early? Tutoring business? Substitute teaching?

Retiring early from full-time teaching and then sub? Hmmm. Yep, that’s what I’m thinking. That means I’d give up my permanent contract, benefits, and everything I know. I’d leave my pension for later. My hubby has benefits with his work so it would be ok but…

Then I thought…should I open my own tutoring business? I have over 19 years of teaching experience with grade school and 5 years before that teaching at an adult multicultural school. So I guess that makes a total of…24 years of teaching experience. In my job with the school division I’m at now, I have 17 years and still have 8 more years before I can retire with my pension. Do I work 8 more years or leave now and take care of me? I don’t have to work anymore. I think I’d like teaching where I can pick my hours, etc. now, I have to figure out how to do that in my town. As a teacher, I know there’s a big demand for tutoring and substitute teachers. 

So many decisions. If I could outright quit and move to panama, I would but it doesn’t look like that’s in my immediate future. We are going to buy property and go back and forth for now, but I don’t have many travel options with me working full-time and under a crazy-power-hungry principal. I know I have to make some important “life changes” bc I hate my job. It’s sad, because I love teaching. I love travelling. I love the life that Panama offers and has shown me. 

Sigh…so many decisions. 


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