Teacher Conference…with a mission.

Today, I was “security” for the teachers’ conference…lol. What a great job. Sitting, actually standing which probably didn’t do anything for my injured back but oh well, at the entrance making sure teachers brought their lanyard and I then gave them their registration info, etc. That was the official title, but I was excited. I actually greeted people from all over the province who I have worked with directly or indirectly for many years. It was a hoot! It was a very happy, yet tiring day, where I was so in my element.

After my “turn” was done, I got to finally go to sessions. After many years of this teachers conference, I always wondered what session I would go to…again. Not this year. I went to…the retirement/pension session. Boy…what a happy day. Lol…I learned more and asked questions. Got some paperwork to do for that day. But…I really did have a great morning visiting and an afternoon with people curious about retiring. In the meantime, I look forward to continuing my researching retirement adventure. And now, I wonder what cool thing I’ll learn about tomorrow? Day two of conference, …perhaps I’ll go do a session for me. Hmmm…that display with boots and jewelry sure looks interesting too though…lol. Learn more then shop after. Yep. Lol.


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