Greenhouse Escape…greenhouse adventures!

End of February…wow! The days are getting longer…finally. Now I am starting to look at that greenhouse I bought at the end of last summer. I was thinking that I’d be getting the materials ready in March and try my hand at growing some plants. What I’ll grow? Not sure yet. I’d like to grow tropical plants but (lol!) I guess I’ll try my hand at some plants for Alberta Canada for now. Tee hee. I’m thinking petunias, daisies (hear they grow like weeds), and…well, not sure. I just know that I love greenhouses but hate the prices so this is my path for pleasure. Making my own greenhouse come to life. I hear plants can be therapy. Besides, I’m going to keep the door closed and enjoy the heat. Lol. Perhaps it can be my own little “tropical get-away”.

First, I have to dig a path through the snow to the greenhouse door…after I make some hot chocolate. Lol


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