Trying to dig out my greenhouse! Evil Canadian weather!!!

March 1st…woah! Today, it comes in like a lion with temperatures below -40C! Crazy, I know.

I was organizing my office already today. Sorting my Isagenix, bill payment papers, school marking and report card stuff, etc etc etc. I am trying to purge a little every weekend. Also, I am still looking at doing a couple more digs at that path to my greenhouse. Yep, along with the evil temperatures, it snowed more. I have to find those little planting box thingys that I got at the end of summer last year. I have to plant some seeds I got last weekend in those little weird expanding things. i bought veggie and flower seeds!! So excited!! Then I need to find a sunny “warm” (lol) spot to put it where my indoor cat doesn’t get at it and tip it over…and then probably eat it. That should be an adventure in itself. Tee hee…I’ll keep you updated on that!

i may have to look up some site that shows helpful hints on “Canadian greenhouse” (sounds ironic already!) gardening…


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