Report cards, chocolate & blueberry pie

Report card weekends…sigh. A friend told me to make something chocolate to help me survive through it and it made me think about recipes…which made me think of recipe books going the way of the past…which made me think of childhood recipe books. And now there I was thinking about cook books from my childhood…and in particular, my mom. I love her but she wasn’t really a great cook when it came out of her comfort zone. (Sorry mom). I don’t think she liked to cook. But it was a different generation. Mom cooked and dad ate. When dad did cook (boiled water, toast, etc), it seemed like we always had to make a “big deal” about it. Poor mom.

“Poor mom” reminded me about the time she made a blueberry pie. Dad didn’t like her blueberry pies runny so she thought she would try “gelatin” which was new to the technique and she had not yet tried it. Well, she bought a box of packages (new, convenient!) of gelatin in case it was good and she wanted to try it again. It was an interesting adventure…

That day, she wanted to surprise my dad with a “non drippy” blueberry pie so she went to work. She made the pie shell and crust from scratch (yeah, I know…woah!). Then she went to work on the filling. She made the sugared blueberry mixture and then added a package of gelatin. She stirred and figured it didn’t work so she immediately added another package. And stirred. Still no change. (Can you see where this is going???). She figured she either got “old” gelatin (really? It hadn’t been on the market that long! Lol) or did it wrong. So…she added another package and stirred. (Yep! You counted right! That’s 3 packages of gelatin!!) Anyway, she got fed up and frustrated. She poured the gelatin blueberry mixture into the pie shell and then put it into the fridge for evening supper…basically giving up and hoping for the best!

Well, supper came and went and then it was time for dessert!!! Yay!! Dad was very surprised to hear that mom had made a new and improved blueberry pie for dessert. 😉  She took it out of the fridge where it had been cooling all afternoon. She sliced the first piece for dad (of course, since it was “his” pie) and went to put it on the little plate. Well…she missed the plate and it slipped to the floor. But instead of going “splat”, it BOUNCED a foot off the floor!!! We laughed so hard We should have pee’d our pants!!! Then mom said, “well, I guess those 3 packages of gelatin did work but next time I should read the instructions better…it said “mix, pour into pie shell…and then cool for thickening to occur”. Oops, I guess I missed that part!” Yep, my mom was a funny cook. But she had a great humour about it.

Yep, that was a very funny pie. I think we could have used it for a basketball!! Lol

Now, onto report cards and making something with chocolate to get me through this report card weekend. But I’ll stay away from anything with gelatin – just in case it’s hereditary. Lol. 😉


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