Grocery shopping, sugary cereals & scamming mom!

I have been really into childhood memories lately. Everyday events have emerged as…really?! That really happened?!
So…Childhood memories have been focused on food lately, just to narrow it down. Perhaps because I’m working on my report cards, I start getting the munchies. I know, bad habit.
Anyway, food can cause pleasure…or trouble. I had a fried egg sandwich yesterday morning and that was soooo yummy, but then I felt – oh-oh…and I had to have my healthy protein shake for lunch because that sandwich was sitting in my stomach like a pound of bricks! Uh! There’s nothing worse than food guilt. Lol.
It made me think of my grocery shopping trips and avoiding the snack aisle. You know… “if you don’t buy it, bring it into the house…then you won’t eat it” philosophies. And that brought me to thinking about grocery shopping…and my mom again.
When I was younger, my dad worked so much that my mom usually ended up doing the grocery shopping. She would buy the…well, everything we should have…you know – the “boring grocery shopping” foods. She would avoid the shelves at my level too! You know what I’m talking about. The shelves that are marketed for the kids…sugar and everything that you shouldn’t have in your house. Those companies sure are smart…it’s at the kids’ height and it is all inspired from our Saturday morning cartoon commercials!! It’s funny…parents put on those shows for us to watch and companies take advantage of it – big time! Subliminal advertising? Nope. I think it’s point blank, hit you in the face advertising! I remember the commercial with “corn pops” and the “fact” that it was made of corn, so it must be healthy, right?! (That’s what I tried to convince my mom…through my “scientific knowledge”.I even sang her the CornPops song to show I had “proof” that it was good for me!)(Lol…yeah I tried!) Anyway, it took a lot of convincing for mom to buy one box of that stuff…every 6 months! (Are you kidding me!? It was gone in 3 days! Even though she said it was only for breakfast, we snuck it into our lunch kits, evening handfuls snuck into our mouths when we went into the pantry, and the occasional “bombing” tool we would throw at each other when the parents weren’t looking…) I always thought there needed to be more in that darned box! It never lasted long enough. (I also thought my mom was sneaking some out and throwing it away too. Grrr) Needless to say, mom would be mad at our “treat” (what?! It was a staple!!) bought for breakfast would be gone way too fast. (I never told her that I had scammed my grandmother to buy a box as well, of which we would eat at bedtime, lunch snacks, and of course “breakfast”…when we would stay at grandmother’s house! Grandmother would even let us have a little scoop on our supper plates since it was “technically a vegetable”…tee hee…wasn’t I good?) (oh, did I mention my sister who was 8 years younger, was an amateur so I felt she needed to learn the tricks of the cereal-scamming? Lol)
Yep, grocery shopping for cereal was such an adventure just to get it into the house…but when we did, sugar never tasted so wonderful than when we got “research shows the need for it” cereals…according to those cartoon commercials!
Hmmmm…now I’m hungry for CornPops…


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