Grandmothers and Aliens

Well, it’s been a pretty eventful week and a bit. Thinking about funny family moments especially lately. My Grandmere past away and it made me think of all her funny moments with me as a child. She got me through some scary family moments.
I remember one time, she wanted to tell me about how she would like to handle one particular fear – a screwed up world where people were so stupid that she feared what would be left for kids like me. But she figured she had the solution…aliens. She told me that all this alien stuff on TV was scary but very interesting. She said it’s the answers for the world. She wished that a spaceship would land (Aliens movies were all the rage…) on her front lawn. She wouldn’t be scared she said because she would invite them in for tea (lol…too cute!) and ask them questions on how they solved the “stupid people” problem. She wanted to know where “common sense” went and what did they do with people who weren’t “taught manners”. She made me giggle and no longer be afraid of “alien landings”. Lol
It does make me think…perhaps we need some alien tea parties nowadays…since common sense and manners still seems like a thing of the past.


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