Dogs and their gross squishy toys

My dog…loves to fetch, but I guess most dogs do. Lol. I wasn’t a dog lover till about three years ago when we rescued a cutie from the animal shelter. He blended in nicely with the kitties we rescued from a friend who was moving into another home…and then again, recently…we adopted another two from the same fur ball litter. Love them all bunches!
But back to…the dog! He loves to fetch rather that get treats. (That’s ok though…the neighbour dogs eat those for him. Lol) I figured it gets me away from my yucky chores and icky marking…probably too much…but I’m ok with that. The problem is??? He really loves tennis balls BUT yuck! I am NOT touching those things. He really likes to leave his…er…drool on them. Yep! You can imagine it! Long, stringy goobers!! Ick! Yuck! Blach!! But do I keep buying them when he keeps bringing them back to me but only after he has ooobers of slime and goo on them…which is only made worse after he chews it ( on the way back to me) like…er…doggie bubble gum! (Ick! I shudder just thinking about it! Lol) Anyway, love him lots and he’s good for me…and the family. So I guess I just put up with the goober-ness!! Besides, when he comes back to me with those big floppy ears and wagging tail…right to my feet…what am I going to do, hey? (Besides wear rubber boots to protect me from the evil “bubblegum” slime! Ack!! Lol.


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