Transfers, middle schools vs high school, and…my dog.

Well, it’s that time of year at school…transfer requests, moving away notices, new positions, admin positions…etc etc etc. I put a transfer request early in February so that I could be “on the top of the pile” so-to-speak. I need a change after teaching middle school for 19 years. I want to teach at the high school but so far…no luck. I started with high school so that’s where I want to go back. But…Seniority does not happen in our division so I was told that there are “no openings yet”. I really want to teach the older kids. My kids are getting older (high school) and so has my preferences.
When I asked for a transfer, I also said that wanted a change of scenery due to…let’s just say…a need for a safer atmosphere personally and professionally. Without getting into details, my health and wellness is in jeopardy at my school. Sadly, I still wait until end of May since that is the latest for the 30 days notice for anyone leaving the high school.
Anyway…I guess I just enjoy the Easter weekend and figure out how to “escape” with my home adventures…my greenhouse…and that dog with those gross squishy toys. Lol.


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