Changes are good…even when they are unexpected!

Well, it’s been two months since I was here last. Sorry about that! 

Since I was here last, I was hoping for change. Well, I’ve been busy…

In May, I volunteered in a musical as producer’s assistant, creative consultant, backdrop designing, and backstage prompter (etc etc…for anyone knowing what is involved in producing a play! Lol) Anyway, it was a lot of fun! I hadn’t been able to be involved with anything involving drama for a very long time! Many many hours but it was so much fun! Better than waiting around for change and work requests…

In June, well…it’s report card month. Marking, testing, projects, student interviews, parent interviews for next near planning, team reports, projections for next year…etc etc etc…aka: “yucky time of the year”. But on the upside, I got an interview for an assistant principal position (which I came a second place only after someone who already worked there…darn…). This interview was only a week ago last Friday, which dominoed into another position. The result: I was offered a position!!! I am taking a year’s leave-of-absence from the school which I’ve been at for 14 years and am now the new Coordinator for the Experiential Learning School in a nearby town. I’m the only Educator there but I work with the staff at a health complex on behalf of my school division!! I am so excited!! I instruct a hands-on learning program where schools come in for four days at a time (teacher moves their class into my school) and I get them to learn the math-science-social-LA curriculum through “real life experiences” like: rock climbing, using the “big league” hockey teams for skating lessons, measurement through facility observations (graphing lessons using seating, track facilities, swimming pools, ice rinks, etc), local government speakers, history application lessons like the Fur Trade, cooking classes, physical ed equipment use and analyzing, architecture and heating system analysis, science experiments, etc!! Teaching the Alberta curriculums through real-life experiences that are unavailable in a regular classroom. I also get to work with local sponsors like big local oil companies! Can’t wait! What an unexpected but thrilling experience!! It’s going to be an exciting year! 

Oh, oh, I almost forgot…in early May, I also volunteered to go to Cambodia to teach English for two weeks in early July!! I am going with 14 other people from here, plus 15 people from S. Alberta and another group from various places in the USA! I’ve had all my needles, pills, medicines, etc for going over there…and I now leave this Wednesday!! I’ve never been so far away and am so excited! 

Wow…its been a crazy two months! I have to go finish packing my carry on…yep, not taking a suitcase. Keeping it easy and light! Oh, and there’s fireworks tomorrow so that will be a great way to start my summer holidays…yay!!! 


6 thoughts on “Changes are good…even when they are unexpected!

    1. laurawantstoretire

      Thanks! So excited. On the plane today to leave Vancouver. Heading to Seoul, Korea today and then Cambodia after that. It’s going to be a long day! Phew!! But still so excited. Can’t wait to see you two next month and tell you all about it! I even cleared my phone to take a whack load more pictures! Lol 😜


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