Happy New Year 2015!

Well, here I am…6 months later. I really need to get back to my blog. It can be so liberating writing…
This is the first Christmas holiday that I have no marking, etc. As a teacher, it’s amazing! My new job for the year has so far been amazing! I’m the only person there from my school division so I am my own principal and am really loving it. It’s giving me a lot of HRBM experience for my masters degree from 2012. I love coordinating the health facility people within my experiential school. I am also loving teaching with a 100% hands-on focus without someone down the hallway saying that it’s “weird” and that “kids need more structure than that”. I also have had lots of positive attention from head office, the Superintendent, and my corporate sponsors. I really hope this position propels me into another leadership position like this when my contract is up in April. Again, I SO love this job!!
If you want to check out my school, check out my website photos. It’s very cool!!
http://www.c-school.ca Again, may I say it, I LOVE this job!!!
Be back later!! 😋😍😊


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