FitBit for Christmas

Well, I activated my Christmas present…a FitBit. It’s been a week and I think I like it. I joined it with myfitnesspal app and it so far has been amazing. I like knowing how I’m doing with my exercise and steps…etc. I am still on my isagenix healthy living program…3 years in March. It’s such a great program…and am only down to 1 shake a day for the “healthy living” stage. Well, suffice it to say, I am going to need to clean up this body after 2 weeks of being at home with holiday food and visiting, etc. lol. I might even start those cleanses again. But darn, I sure love those gingerbread houses’ bits and pieces and those sugar cookies. šŸ˜œ
Today, I’ve been enjoying my last 3 days of Christmas vacation. This year we diimage image image imagedn’t go anywhere. With all the trips this year (near and far), it was nice to just stay around the house. I did miss my warm weather. Low temperatures and windchill and snow shovelling is not for me but it was nice to take pictures of the trees with frost on them. I think it’s called “hoar frost”. Very beautiful. Frost crystals like a white coating of cool frosting…kind of.


6 thoughts on “FitBit for Christmas

      1. missionvenus

        Hey… Going really well. After the first two-weeks I didn’t want to give it up. So been maintaining it ever since – into my forth month!!! šŸ˜‰

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