Spring Break is for Refreshing the body and brain

Well, here I am again. Sitting on my back deck and enjoying the week long break from a work routine…even though I know that there’s still work to be done. But just not now. 

I just went for a meditative walk around the block…or whatever you call it in the country. Lol. My dog sure enjoyed it. Took the ball thrower…his constant focus. Whatever. It made him walk beside me rather than going off looking for new prey coming out from hiding during the long, cold winter. Hmmm…I guess that creature could be me too…coming out from hiding. After a long, cold winter…

I want to say, I really loved my adventure this school year. I was the coordinator of a very cool experiential learning program for kids grades 3-6. Classes would come in for 4 days and then experience learning in a whole new way – hand-on applications of regular classroom curriculum. But in a whole “weird” way. Don’t worry. One of the first things I’d do was warn them that they were going to have a lot of fun learning this week…but I teach weird and wacky! Lol. Must have done something right though. They didn’t want to leave. They’d say things like…that was fun math ( science, social, etc) and I enjoyed every minute of the whole year. Never had a sick day. No really. 

Sadly, it was only a maternity leave position so now I decide what to do. Go back to my original school where I took a year’s leave off or request another school. I really want to have professional development opportunities for leadership. I also applied for other leadership opportunities with the division since I received a lot of accolades of improving this year’s program. ..since this position was something so that I could get some specific admin experience on my resume. Something I’ve been told to find repeatedly when I was always getting “2nd place” in admin interviews. “We loved your interview but we took someone who had a little more experience.”  Hmmm…not that’s always the predicament, hey? I need more experience but can’t get hired to get that experience. Hopefully this year’s exposure will help. Who knows. I was told repeatedly…”you were very impressive as coordinator. Unlike anyone before you” was what I was told. Hmmmm…so what does that mean now for me? I don’t know. 

I guess we will see. I think I need to continue my reflections and journaling.  Help me and my thoughts figure things out. This may be the best place than any. If anything, this year’s adventure as a teacher, a divisional leader and as just me…the one who goes for walks in the country with my dog…is happy for where this year has gone so far. ☺️ TTYL…


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