As Spring comes back my way…

Well, it’s April and an end to another great year at C-School ( ) and I’ve had another blast! I love this leadership opportunity. And I love my experiential school! And I love Spring Break. It goes too fast. Not sure if it’ll be for another year or if I go back to full-time teaching, but I guess I’ll see what opportunities for leadership come my way before decisions have to be made at the end of June. Anyway…

We had hubby’s bday party and started the new season with friends, barbecue, and fire pits! Love the celebration but it was a big reason to surround myself with friends other than surrounding myself with work. Being tucked away in houses all winter and being absorbed by work…and then coming out in the warm sun…is so eye-opening.  We forget about taking care of our own mental, social and physical health so often and don’t realize how the “work world” has consumed us. I’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs…I forget about myself until my own body says, “wait…stop…listen…take a breath…” to the simple things around me. My friend said yesterday…”only 29 more days till camping!”…and it made me smile. 

Talk again later…


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