Summer’s Edge

Well, here I am again…I don’t know what it is about me, but I still have this fear of writing a blog. Perhaps it was because of writing things like this as a child and it was exposed by someone to their advantage. I was made to look like a fool. To be specific…”possessed”. All because it started with me wanting to know the words of songs so I would stop my tape recorder (I know…I know…lol) many times and back the song up so I could write the words down to sing along later with. Or at the very least, know what my favored music said. I guess, thinking back, it was about the time that backwards masking” was the hot topic in the religious world. My heart knew I was ok but the adults around me thought that this teenager was…evil. So perhaps, it developed a thought that recording things could always be used against me…sigh…yep, it’s a big hurdle for me.

But moving forward, my heart wants to not fear anymore. Talking to this “big, unknown space” (as someone called it lately), is a place where I can use cyber-space to my advantage. I can do this…

Summer’s Edge…right where I see a cliff. Today, I wondered where I needed to jump off. I guess, step one: it is here. Looking outwards over life’s landscape, I try to see where I am going and even  though I know God has a master plan for me, I wonder about the details…  

Hmmm…I need to think more. Perhaps playing with the dog and his ever-encouraging “play ball?” look is what I need to do right now. Listen to my music. think. think. think….sometimes I think too much…


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