Summer Vacation starts with…camping…

I feel so blessed. I’m camping first by myself before my family is able to come. It makes me start to reflect on the past year. I just finished my third year being the coordinator of the Experiential school position I’ve had since 2014. I love it.

I’m actually wearing my t-shirt: “This teacher survived the 2016-2017 school year – bottle flip, the Dab, and the fidget spinner”. Crazy but fun year with grade 3-8 kids. Lol.

Right now, I’m sitting outside the chapel before the teenagers arrive for teen camp. I love being around for this age group. They are in this super fabulous time in their life where they’re no longer a kid and right on the crest of discovering who they are as a young adult. Love it…yes, this hormonal moody group of people is my passion. Love this group.

But until they show up, I’m just going to continue sitting on my park bench. Throwing the ball for my crazy camping dog. Maybe later, I’ll go on the lake and do so fishing, paddle boarding, or whatever…I’m on vacation. 😎

Talk to you tomorrow.


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